Whether you run a charming independent bistro or an entire chain of campus cafes, supplying your customers with bread is a tricky task in an age where many consumers shun carbohydrates and gluten. If you're hoping to boost lagging sales of items on buns or sub rolls, consider offering a whole grain option. Whole grain breads provide the customer with a range of health benefits you can emphasize in your advertising materials.

Full of Fiber

Want to instantly make your food more filling without increasing portion sizes or adding extra fat to the recipe? Swap to whole grain bread, and your customers will get a few more hours out of their breakfast or lunch meal. The whole wheat grains ground into this type of bread digest slower than processed and refined flours, mostly due to the higher amount of fiber per serving of bread.

Boost of Protein

Protein is trending right now because some medical professionals say that it gives you extra energy throughout the day without the crash associated with sugar and caffeine. If you want to transform some of your carb-heavy dishes into more Paleo diet compatible offerings, go with whole grain because leaving the germ on during processing boosts the protein levels of the finished product. Look for products with brown rice and barley in the mix for the highest ratio of protein to carbs.

Regulation of Insulin

The combination of slow digesting carbohydrates and extra fiber makes whole grain breads a better choice for both diabetics and diners hoping to avoid diabetes. Studies show that regularly consuming whole grains of any type can lower the risk for Type 2 diabetes by up to 30%. This kind of bread lacks the sugar and refined carbs that cause blood sugar spikes and crashes, making it a healthier option all around.

Prevention of Disease

Finally, consider the marketing opportunities that come along with a product linked to a reduction in chronic diseases across the board. From strokes to hypertension, there is research linking whole grains to all sorts of health improvements.

Any bread supplier who can provide you with specialty buns and loaves can find you plenty of whole grain options. Talk to your supplier about white whole wheat too, which offers the look and taste of white bread with the healthy superpowers of whole grains.

For more information about bread, contact Klosterman Baking Company or a similar organization.