Kaiser buns are soft and chewy and will absorb the flavors of the ingredients that are added to them, making them a favored product to use for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. If you are looking for a creative way to serve eggs, sausage, and farm-fresh vegetables, purchase some kaiser buns from your local bakery and use them to prepare breakfast bread bowls.

Hollowing the Rolls

A hard crust and a soft center are characteristics of kaiser buns. Because of these properties, a roll's exterior will remain intact and the doughy center can easily be scooped out, to support the addition of the other ingredients. See what your local bakery has on display and order enough buns to create one breakfast bread bowl for each person. Make sure that each bun that you select hasn't been pre-sliced.

If you want the buns to contain poppy seeds, sesame seeds, or pumpkin kernels, you can make lids for the bread bowls, by creating a circular cutout in the top of each bun and resting the top part on top of the base. 

Filling the Bread Bowls

Raw ingredients can be added to each bread bowl, before placing the bowls in an oven for several minutes. An omelet, which consists of eggs, ham chunks, sausage, bacon, and chopped vegetables will rise during the baking process. Begin the preparations by removing the top of each bun. Use a serrated knife to cut a circle from the top of each roll.

Next, use a spoon to dig out the dough that makes up the center of each roll. Combine eggs, cheese, meat pieces, and sliced vegetables. Whisk the ingredients and pour the mixture into each bowl. Replace the dough lids, if you decided that you want each bowl to contain this feature.

Serving the Breakfast

The kaiser buns will soften up some while they are in the oven and will be more consistent with the quality they were when they were first made at the bakery. Bake the breakfast bowls until the egg mixture has risen and solidified. After removing the baking tray from the oven, use a spatula to aid in scooping up the bowls before setting them on plates. Set your table for breakfast and invite your loved ones to enjoy the creations that you prepared. Pair the bowls with fresh-squeezed orange juice or some fruit slices.

Learn more about using kaiser buns by contacting local bakeries.